March 2017 Summary

Posted on April 1, 2017

Last updated on April 2, 2017

The update for March 2017. I haven’t done this for a while and trying to get back into writing a monthly update.

Serene landscape I encountered while snowmobiling around West Yellowstone

Serene landscape I encountered while snowmobiling around West Yellowstone

Interesting Finds

Originally a Medium post now removed by the author, this is a letter from a father to his deceased son who after too much pressure in the investment banking division at Goldman Sachs, apparently commited suicide. It seems like the father was demanding during his son’s early years and the son developed an attitude of wanting to win whatever the cost, in this case the highest cost. His father retrospectively tries to figure out what went wrong, for example:

He lacked the confidence to reach out, to befriend, to make small talk, to convert small opportunities into big wins. He was too simple, played by the book, was reticent and shy, and, in common parlance, was not street smart. He would never confide on these issues, with me.

You can read the letter and form your own opinion on how much the cause of such a situation can be the person’s upbringing.

Don’t misuse the term “Ad Hominem Fallacy” when constructing arguments.

If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to read Story of your life by Ted Chiang and the newly released film Arrival based on it. This article goes into depth about the various possible interpretations of what happens in the story.

Yelp Reviews

I have written many Yelp reviews, but decided that considering I do sometimes use the service to find places to eat, I should contribute.


Michelin Restaurants for March 2017

An additional 8 Michelin stars, bringing my total to 86

Books Read

Didn’t get a lot of reading done this time. I read two books of an addictive science-fiction trilogy “Remembrance of Earth’s Past” and am now just about to finish the third book.


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